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Quantum of Solace


So saw the midnight showing of the new Bond movie. It was a fun excursion, my littles and some close friends came along. One of the radio stations was outside promoting it and giving away free tickets. The movie is a solid follow-up for Casino Royale. Less love story than CR but more action. Craig and company are doing a good job of developing 007. I’m kind of sad that he’s only signed on for three movies. Maybe someone can convince him to do like five more.

But the best part of the movie?

The trailers.

Every preview I saw was for an interesting movie.

The Star Trek trailer was simply amazing. It starts and you’re just like wtf? Then comes the line. “What is your name?” “James Tiberus Kirk.” Amazing. I cannot wait for this movie. Also, almost all my friends that were with me (even the non-ST fans) wanted to see the movie. Killer trailer.

Then came the new Watchmen trailer. It was good for the most part and nice to see all the main characters and for those who don’t know about the plot it gave enough information for a tease.

Up next was the trailer for Angels & Demons. As soon as the screen changed I could tell what it was for. I hope they don’t deviate from this book as much as they did with The Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed the movie for DVC but the ending kind of paled in comparison to the book.

Last up was the new Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds. The trailer was enough to make me want to see the movie. The only thing that makes me nervous is that it’s the same director from The Pursuit of Happyness which was an okay movie.