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So Much to Do


Man I’m just ready for it to be next Wednesday. There’s just so much to do.

  1. DLC Bids As an elected officer on the SED Council for KKPsi, I was asked to review the bids for our annual District Leadership Conference and cast a vote. I need to finish my write-up and submit my vote tonight.

  2. Jazz Band Concert The UF Jazz Bands are performing tonight and my frat little brother is the lead trombone. So I’m going to see him play. He always inspires me to work harder as a musician even if it’s not my career. And one of my little sisters is running the reception so I’m going to help her out after I get off work.

  3. Websites I really need to do a lot of work on a variety of websites I’m in charge of. I need to setup sand box sites using the latests software for our chapter and district websites. I need to actually put some more stuff on my professional site and I really should re-theme my tumblr. It’s kind of bland.

  4. Christmas presents for littles I need to go put orders in so that they’re ready in time for our Christmas Party.

  5. CFR Visit Our frat sends around field reps to check on chapters every couple years. Our last one was Fall 2006 (before I joined) so that makes us due this year. He’s coming by next Monday and Tuesday. I’m hoping to meet with him, he’s been taking a tour of our district and I want to get some opinions from him on how the chapters are doing.

More to come later…