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Biden Rally at UF


So, today Joe and Jill Biden came into town for a rally. It was a little rainy at parts but not too bad. A sister came along with me so I was happy that I knew someone in the crowd. Unfortunately, my camera had old batteries in so I barely got any pictures. But I did manage to snap a good one of Jill and a good one of Joe.

Senator Bill Nelson did the introductions. While I don’t always agree with him, he’s a ton better than Mel Martinez and probably as liberal as Florida is willing to elect at the moment.

Jill and Joe came on stage together and Jill came to the podium first. She talked mostly about education and her husband. When the subject of Joe’s first wife came up in her speech, I watched Joe. His emotion was real. He was there fiddling with the Gator hat he had been wearing, looking down and at the hat trying to maintain his composure. Jill’s a strong and independent woman. I think she should be a role model instead of Sarah Palin.


Finally, Joe took the stage for about 30-45 minutes which was a bit disappointing. But he had the crowd excited for most of it. There were a few Republican protestors and I saw a couple Nader signs. He said there were two major priorities. The first was restoring America’s middle class and the second was restoring America’s standing in the world. He talked about education and healthcare and I got excited when he talked about energy sources. I yelled a bit louder than I had before and everyone stared for a second. Energy and education are my two pet issues.


Anyways, we had fun and I really want to go to the Obama rally tomorrow but I just don’t think I can make it. Too bad. But I’d really like to see him inaugurated. Maybe. Just maybe. Mom and I can go.