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Campaign Updates


I spent more time today publishing campaign notes to the website. As always, they're mostly in incomplete and unpolished states, but for now I'm focusing on getting the notes and links up. At some point, I'll return to polish the various notes.

Code Chasers was my first attempt at running a FATE-based game1. A game taking place in The Matrix, the characters were red pills on missions to collect upgrades in support of Zion. I ran a pair of sessions. It's a game I think I'd like to revisit in the future.

Magic City Mysteries was my first go at running Dresden Files Accelerated. For a few years, I've hesitated in launching a Dresden Files game. I want it to be living and breathing but I haven't particularly felt like investing the effort required. When Covid-19 forced a late Spring get together among friends to go virtual, I took the time to write a one shot as kind of an introduction to the universe. It went well though I had to cut some scenes from the actual play due to time constraints. But I hit most of the beats and the feedback was positive. This is certainly something I'll revisit in the future.

Paragon City was my third superhero campaign and my second Venture City one shot. Set in City of Heroes' Paragon City, this one shot was a replay of the Terra Volt respec trial with the Freakshow. This was played the day after the Magic City Mysteries one shot with some shared players. I think it went considerably better because of that. I still like the Venture City ruleset, but I'd like to try out Mutants and Masterminds again, or maybe a Fate Accelerated version of superheroes.


  1. It was actually Fate Accelerated Edition.