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Good Morning 2021


Good morning 2021!

Even if 2021 is worse in some ways than 2020, I'm going to make the best of it. Like every year, I want to continue to grow and improve myself. I've grouped my goals into a few themes. It's a lot and not everything will happen but these are representative of the direction I want to move in.

Improve relationships with family and friends. 2020 made it clear to me, like many people, that I wasn't as close to family and friends as I want to be. I'm going to spend 2021 strengthening friendships and contact with family. This will also include my biological family.

Improve health. I've been slightly unhealthy most of my 30s, primarily in weight and cholesterol. So, I want to take significant strides to getting healthy targeting those areas. I'm not looking for massive weight loss, but I want to be serious about the intent and the journey. While I don't find a specific target weight helpful, I do want to run/walk a 5k this year, even if it's still virtual.

Improve at my career. Always a goal, but I have some specific targets this time. I want to obtain at least one certification in my field. Not exactly sure which one yet, but I'm investigating the Certified Kubernetes Administrator one from CNCF. I also want to expand my professional network, so I want to join at least one technical-focused community as an active participant.

Explore new hobbies. I have a few nascent hobbies that I've been casually exploring the past few years. I want to put more time into them. I want to spend more intentful time drawing, taking pictures, 3D modeling, and astronomy. Gaming, movies, reading will always be part of my life, but I want to spend some time being creative, especially after the draining 2020.

Finally, I've made a few changes to the collections section of the website again. I've added 2021 lists (blank thus far) but I've also added new pages for the things I want to read, watch (movies and tv), and play.