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Star Wars Fate Campaign Intro


I'm excited! Towards the end of last month, we wrapped up a story arc in a D&D campaign run by one of my friends. It was a pretty straight-forward dungeon crawl setup and I appreciated that. Pretty different from the other games I'm participating in. That said, I was glad for it to wrap up. I'm just doing a few too many D&D campaigns at the moment between that one (which was every Wednesday), Polite Company (every other Monday), Midnight Oil (every other Thursday) and Time and Tide (every other Sunday).

With Amber dropping and Jen adding, it gave us a chance to consider playing something other than Jesse's D&D campaign. He suggested Star Wars. I've seen the beautiful Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games in the comic stores and always wanted to play. I spent a few days perusing them and read a bookmarked review from the Alexandrian which came to the same conclusion that I did. The dice mechanic of FFG's Star Wars is too complex. I shared these with Jesse and he opted to play a Fate-based Star Wars game.

We did some basic character creation a few weeks ago and submitted our backgrounds on Friday. We settled on a Rebellion Era game. I'm playing Olivia 'Liv' Eclipse, a Jedi Knight who currently works as a smuggler for the Rebellion. Yesterday, Jesse and I went over the Force powers and such.

Liv travels with Cole, her good friend and smuggling partner for the last decade; Cal, a Mon Calamari pilot; Phae, an weapons industrialist scion; and Aquila, a freelancing bounty hunter.

I'm kind of surprised no one else wanted to play a Jedi, or even a force sensitive character. At the same time, I'm glad that I'll get to shine in that area but that we're a fairly balanced party. It seems like we may have some difficulty with Aquila, who's a bounty hunter and doesn't have the same strong connections that the rest of the characters do.