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My Week in Movies - February 19th


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Another movie delayed from 2014 but worth the wait?

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Last week was tough, with two movies I had been anticipating so desperately last summer leaving me profoundly disappointed. Kingsman has proven a great remedy for last week's hangover. Arthur, played by Michael Caine(!), his Knights of the Round Table (including Colin Firth and Jack Davenport), and Samuel L. Jackson as a techy billionaire! Woo! I mean, you're telling me Kingsman has a decent-enough spy plot with good action, solid (but predictable) twists and the constant inclination to go over the top? Awesome. But the best part of this movie is that it never stops, never backs down. It found it's groove and it stuck with it until the very, very end.

Watch It: Yes. Just go see it.
Skip It: You really shouldn't.