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Posting Schedule


I’ve struggled with the idea of a posting schedule in regards to my main blog Concrete Chaos. I want fresh content on my blog every couple days. I’m figuring a MWF posting schedule.

I know that every Friday I’ll have a small article discussing my Project 365 progress.

I also think that for the first part of the year I’ll be posting an article from my “Dreams to Achieve” series each Monday.

That’ll leave Wednesday open to whatever kind of post I want.

As an aside, I don’t consider my tumblog my actual blog. I’ve re-titled it as such (Concrete Chaos Lite). It should import all my posts from the main blog as links with snippets. But CCLite will also get it’s own small updates (like this one) that don’t really belong on my main blog and are more stream of consciousness and random posts (along with reblogs).