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All About Me and My Blog


I’ve always found myself wanting to blog. I truly think it’s a great way to express myself and I feel that there’s no more appropriate medium. However, I’ve always had difficulty keeping up with the blog. But I’m fairly sure it will go far better this time around. My best blogging run was during 2008 when I was using Tumblr pretty heavily. The barrier to entry was very low. I could type short notes, upload an image or a song, link to some other webpage or just reblog somebody else’s content with a comment. However, most of the content wasn’t new or long.

I have mostly replaced Tumblr with Twitter but a lot of times I find myself wishing to expand on ideas I have or things I do or articles I read which is incredibly hard to do in 140 characters or less. So I really do need a place to blog. Part of the problem with earlier iterations of this blog was that I was using one website for two purposes my professional side including a portfolio and a personal blog and activity tracker. With the launching of this domain and blog, I will now have split the two into distinct websites.

Who Am I? I am a twenty-something college student and programmer. I feel that I’m a fairly typical representation of an American Millennial. I was raised in a fairly normal middle class family. I’m a socially liberal individual but I’m also religious and fiscally conservative. I love reading, making music (singing and playing instruments), gaming and technology. While I don’t watch local news anymore, I read lots of news from a collection of websites. I’m fairly competitive and don’t believe in participation awards. But most of all i enjoy learning. I often find myself exploring articles on Wikipedia or searching the web for tidbits of interesting topics.

Concrete Chaos The name of this blog describes the way I think and the way I view the world we live in. It’s mostly a huge mess but to me there’s some semblance of order that I can see and work from. I’ll be discussing lots of different topics here but for the most part I’ll be focusing on entertainment, sports, technology and myself with a dash of politics here and there. Everything will be seen through the lens of a Millennial as it’s happening which may help older generations (or future ones) understand me and my peers. I will be updating this blog on a frequent basis. I’m hoping to post at least one good article every couple days.