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Review - Mario Super Sluggers (Part 1)



So, I picked up this game from Blockbuster yesterday on my way to Cat’s for dinner. My roommate, Stitches, had apparently enjoyed the GCN version (I thought he meant the Wii version). I’ve been looking for more Wii games to pick up seeing as I only have a couple, Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. A baseball game is right up my alley (though I previously tried The Bigs).

Like most Wii games that use motion I don’t have a lot of fun playing a game when I have to repeat motions over and over. Maybe I just need more time getting used to it but normally my wrists or elbows end up hurting after an hour of play.

Like all the Mario sports games this one is pretty fun (excepting controls). There’s a nice assortment of characters to select. There’s even different colored Yoshis and Toadstools (with different stats). There’s a decent amount of strategy involved in putting together a team and setting their batting order and positions. It’s just enough depth for me on a Wii game. But you can also hit the random button if you don’t really care.

The gimmicks are neat. Star swings and star pitches are cool and easier to activate than the Super Striker kicks. The stadiums seem pretty neat. Peach’s Ice stadium is kind of annoying when you’re trying to field. And the train is Yoshi’s stadium counts as a homerun even though its in front of the fences. I haven’t turned on the error items yet but I’ll take a look at those soon. I plan on unlocking some stuff tomorrow since there’s no football game. So that’ll be saved for part two!