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Apocalypse Soon - Staring Soon


The months have rolled along and suddenly it's time to run Princes of the Apocalypse. I did not read nearly the amount of stuff I wanted to, but that's okay, I read enough. The campaign has it's official title, Apocalypse Soon, and start date, the Fifth of June. The session zero is scheduled for two weeks from today.

With the player group assembled, I've decided to break the campaign into two arcs. We're friends with children and families, so doing this allows us to create a satisfying conclusion without committing to a multi-year campaign at the start. When we wrap the first arc, we'll discuss if we want to continue and allow players to cycle out as needed.

I did a second read through of the book and scoured the internet for some tips. I'm starting the party at 3rd level and the characters have been sent to Red Larch to investigate the disappearance of the Mirabar Delegation. They've got a group patron, The Marshal, and a base of operations, The Swinging Sword.

With a good sense of how I want the campaign to flow, I've created a one-page campaign guide in the style of Slyflourish for my players.