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Campaigns Updated


Spent yesterday updating the Campaigns area of the website. I have a goal to bring most of my campaign, session, and character notes to the internet, both from my perspective as a player and game master. I've updated the campaigns page to list the majority of my campaigns and one-shots. Some may be missing but I'll add them as I find documentation.

For campaigns where I was/am the GM, you'll get my campaign, prep, session and characters notes where available along with any images and maps that I've retained. For campaigns where I was/am a player, you'll get my session and character where available.

First up, Awakening! This was the third campaign I ran in Gainesville and a direct sequel to the second campaign, WAGER. I've added character bios for those available, Lira, Néshira, Odanus, Rowlfwicke, Sevak, Shae, Simmah, and [Varemael]. And the first season and episode pages. And some setting material for Treskri which hosted Awakening and WAGER.