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Star Wars Fate Campaign Recap 2


Another good session in the books. We're still getting used to all of the mechanics. The GM is carefully setting up a bunch of different scenes so we can get used to all of it. I'm getting a better handle on my force powers. They're pretty nebulous because they were all created by the GM. And while I'm familiar with the Star Wars universe, I don't have the same in-depth knowledge that the GM and some of the other players have. So, I don't always think about using my force powers to do stuff. That being said, I spent all of my Force points and all of my Fate points. I needed all of it but it worked out.

Oltar1, the Twi'lek mayor of Katrial has driven the group into town in a speeder. The imperial checkpoint involved a bit of Force to distract them. Oltar agrees to take Cal back to the USS Minnow while the rest of us go into La Carra.2 Our first stop is a bar called Mother's Milk. Cole and Phae interview the bartender while Aquila distracts the local militia members in her own unique way.3 Liv kept an eye on Aquila just in case.

This led us to another bar, Skree for Skree? We met a red skinned Twi'lek, Phyzeek. He gave us a fair amount of information on where we might find Ulaa and sold us a pair of speeders. Ulaa was going to be shipped to spaceport in a speeder convoy that left an hour before dusk from the city.

We decided to setup an ambush. Aquila setup a sniper's nest above the canyon while Liv and Cole were on a speeder and Phae was on the other. Unfortunately, there were four swoops and two speeders which negated Aquila's position. We had to leave her behind as we pursued the convoy.

Liv really got a chance to shine in this scene. Riding with Cole, she force leapt to one of the enclosed speeders, cut through the roof with her lightsaber and peeked inside to find it filled with militia. Phae and Cole started shooting down the swoops and Liv leapt back to Cole's speeder. Moving forward, she had to leap again to the other speeder. This time she started slicing off parts of the speeder itself without opening it up. Eventually, just before the point of no return, Liv managed to down the speeder and get the militia to surrender, rescuing Ulaa.

This was a tough battle for me and Liv. I used up every remaining Force point and all of my Fate points to keep the cinematics going. Liv was almost taken out of the fight but managed to stay upright but at the cost of a moderate consequence (hamstrung). It was a good fight but we were down two players that probably would have helped out significantly. But I like that the GM rolled with it and kept the encounter difficulty amped up.

The girl didn't want to return to her father, but we didn't have a good way of getting back into the city with her. So we returned to the USS Minnow to meet up with Cal and Oltar. We offered to take Ulaa with us if she helps us get off the planet.


  1. I'm not 100% on the spelling of any of these names.

  2. Cal's player, Jen, was away in Clearwater with my fiancée for wedding things.

  3. Aquila wanted to see if there were any bounties. The militia just wanted to use her body. Got resolved when they started negotiating price.