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My Week in Movies - April 3rd



Fair to admit, the film I saw this week probably wasn't meant for me.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Prior to this, I hadn't seen any Wes Anderson films and... maybe The Grand Budapest Hotel wasn't the best introduction to a man whose work was made for the term "acquired taste." But an incredible, expansive cast and pieces of the funny trailer seemed appealing enough to me. Not the film. Leaving Grand Budapest, I felt like I had either missed the point or missed some incredibly important scene that held the point within it. The great actors put on a good show, but a collection of appealing performances does not a story make. A fair amount of the jokes were indeed funny, yet, by the end, I wasn't laughing. I was slightly sad and mostly disappointed. Not much else for me to say about this one.

Grade: C-

So yeah, not the greatest week but next week is guaranteed to be really good! Or horrendously disappointing. Marvel's first superhero movie of 2014 hits the big screen.