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My Week in Movies - March 6th


MWIM Somehow in the intervening decade plus, Liam Neeson has morphed from a Jew sympathizer into a troubled dad with aggressive tendencies.

In Non-Stop, Liam Neeson portrays Marshal Bill Marks, an alcoholic and otherwise troubled man. The plot for this movie is fairly straight-forward, Marks is pinned as a terrorist taking over the very plane he is sworn to protect. He is at points an unwitting pawn, pushing forward an terrifying agenda. Julliane Moore's Jen Summers provides an interesting foil and sounding board for Marks. And though she's supportive and trusting of Marks, she too comes under suspicion when she appears to be a bit too helpful. Marks seemingly becomes a terrorist in his search for the actual terrorists. He clears out the business class area, searches, detains and harasses passengers. He undermine's his own authority as he recklessly pursues his adversary. Neeson's performance is very good, while Moore's is a bit flat. I really could watch Neeson play any type of gruff, troubled or tormented, anti-heroic savior. Any one that follows the plot like a hound, maiming or killing everyone that stands in the way of his singularly focused mind. He's found a character that he excels at portraying and as long as he continues to do so, I'll continue to show up for his movies.

Grade: B+

This week was fantastic with Non-Stop. Light on quantity but heavy on quality. I could use a few more weeks like this though the next few weeks seem light on quantity in general.