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Culture Conquistadors Season 1


The first season of the Culture Conquistadors podcast has come to a close. About a year ago, Charles and I finally jumped on the audio podcast format. We're both avid movie goers and the podcast has given us a platform to share our thoughts with our friends and family. We held a March Madness inspired tournament involving 100 animated films. We've seen good action flicks and bad action flicks. Superhero movies. Indie films and blockbusters. We've also listened to pop music and watched amazing television shows like The Americans. In total, we've recorded over 40 episodes!1

It's been an amazing first year. We've learned a lot and hope you've seen the growth from our early attempts. The recording and production quality has improved. The podcast has a name and the discussions flow better. We even have a theme!2 We tried a book club and now our individual reviews are being published on the website. Basically, we feel we're in a much better place than we were a year ago and we're only looking to get better.

So what does Season 2 bring? A more consistent and timely schedule. Movies are only in theaters so long and if it takes a month for us to record and produce, we really can't convince our listeners to go out and see the movie unless it's already a big success. Towards the end of Season 1 we improved greatly in this area and we're hoping to build on that for the next season.

An expansion of our contributors and our content. We're launching a new podcast, Gaming Guerrillas, that will be hosted by myself and Ben. We'll be discussing everything gaming, table top, role-playing, computer and consoles. And it won't just be reviews, we'll also talk about RPG topics like world building, character creation, story telling and adventure writing. No matter what type of gaming you prefer, we'll be bringing you a podcast that we hope you'll find appealing.

In addition, we're making our first foray into original video content. Charles has already experimented with reviews but now we'll be exploring


  1. Some were lost to the awfulness of technology and the internet.

  2. Written by Charles!