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PMR - A Good Day to Die Hard


A solid action movie that is done the disservice of constantly trying to out action it’s predecessors. Bruce Willis as John Maclane will always be something worth watching. But there’s no need to always up the ante. They need to decide if John is a cop or a superhero before they release another sequel.1 Bruce Willis will always be a favorite actor of mine and I’ll see as many of his movies as I can. I can only hope this is the low point for his movies this year with RED 2 and Sin City 2 coming out this fall.2


  1. According to Willis’s IMDB credits, Die Hardest will be coming out in 2015. It’s also supposedly the last installment.

  2. In the time that I wrote this and published it, there was an announcement that Sin City 2 got pushed to 2014.