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It's Football Season


I primarily track the months of the year by the sports that are currently being played. College baseball and Spring Training in March. Baseball from April to October.1 College football from September to January. It’s officially college football season. I just finished watching the ending of the Vandy/SCarolina game and the first half of the Wazzu/BYU matchup.

College football is the sport I’m probably most passionate about. Baseball will always be my first love but nothing gets me more excited than an on-campus stadium packed with 80,000 plus fans. Baseball is a thinking man’s game. Lots of slow strategic play. Football is all about passion. Hard hits. Fast pace. There’s a lot of strategy involved but a lot more moving parts and randomness.

My college loyalties are slightly divided. I was raised an FSU Seminole but I attended Florida Atlantic and the University of Florida. FSU takes priority in the rivalry game but I root for the Gators otherwise. Finally, I take no solace is cheering for any conference. You’ll never hear any S-E-C! or A-C-C! chants from me. If FSU or UF isn’t winning, I’m not cheering on one of their conference mates in hopes that their winning ways rub off on my team.

I’m planning on watching a lot more football games this year and I’ll provide some thoughts on the games I do catch each week.


  1. Normally I have little reason to follow the baseball season after early August. My favorite team the Baltimore Orioles have spent the last decade and a half in the cellar of the AL East. This year, they’re 3 games back and squarely in of midst of a playoff chase.