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Catching Up


It’s been a while since I made a post and I’m at a good stopping point with everything else.

Entertainment I haven’t had much time lately to read any books. My list is starting to get long. I’m hoping that once I wrap up most of the website projects I can get back to reading. That or I’ll have to give up some of the daily news reading/scanning that I do. I have been able to play a decent amount of games though. I finished Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and I’ve been playing Star Trek Online.

Website Design These past few weeks most of my attention has been focused on the websites I maintain. I finally put the final touches on my professional site. I also finished the majority of the theme work on this site and I did a quick build out of another website. The last website will be getting a facelift this weekend.

Business Research Project I’m starting to gather my research for a business project. I’ve started bookmarking interesting articles and links in Safari. But I’m going to need to take it to the next level soon and hit up the UF Libraries. I’ve actually never been inside one of the UF Libraries, so it should be an interesting experience.

Psi & Sigma A Cappella Last semester, I finally got the A Cappella group off the ground and started. This semester it’s really starting to take off. It’s taken up a lot of my time (and some money) and I feel that the investments that the people in the group have made are about to really pay off. Our first (and main) performance is just over a month away. I can’t wait.

Blogging, Writing, etc… I’ve got a lot of ideas swimming around in my head. I’ve been writing some of them down but haven’t had a lot of time to expand upon them. Maybe Saturday I’ll sit at the computer and hammer out some rough drafts, hopefully around five to seven of them. It’s been a while since I made a post and I’m at a good stopping point with everything else.