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Damn, I'm Bored


I’m pretty freaking bored. It’s somewhat my own fault though. It doesn’t seem like there’s many people around and the people I want to spend time with are busy (wisdom teeth removed) or away (O-Town, Daytona, Boca, Gville, NY).

So I’ve spent time with mom (which is one of the main reasons I came home), done a bit of shopping at IKEA (rice jar, tupperware, and glasses) and a metric ton of programming. Now the programming is necessary as it’s for my job and my frat (plus it clears projects off my list that I’ve needed to do for a while) but it also makes me feel like I’m being anti-social.

So plan for tomorrow is to go see at least one person I haven’t seen in the last six months or so.

Also, I might be grumpy because I’ve officially given up Coke due to the mouth guard (for grinding) causing cavities.